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This Revised Joint Powers Agreement (Agreement) is entered into on July 1, 1980, and revised on March 28, 2006, by and between the following Minnesota public school districts (referred to as "Member Districts"):


  • Browns Valley School District No. 801

  • Chokio-Alberta School District No. 771

  • Clinton-Graceville-Beardsley School District No. 2888

  • Hancock School District No. 768

  • Herman-Norcross School District No. 264

  • Morris Area Public School District No. 2769

  • West Central Area Schools No. 2342

  • Wheaton Area School District No. 803


The Member Districts have as one of their purposes the provision of special education services to young people with disabilities; it is the belief of each Member District that the provision of special education services can best be accomplished by joint and cooperative efforts.


Our Philosophy

Striving to provide by cooperative effort a comprehensive special education program for member districts​.

Our History

Midwest Special Education Cooperative has been located in Morris, MN since 1980.


We currently serve 8 member districts.

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